Startup Support

Startups are changing the face of the world and AMWORLD is changing the way startups raise capital, they need constant growth and growth ROCKSTARS to propel their ship forward.

AMWORLD a startup supporting and rapidly growing fintech company that works with customers globally.


  • Business Planning– We create a well-thought out and well-drafted business plan can ensure that your idea converts into something concrete.

  • Embracing the facts– We support to mark all the important information in the plan. Make a summary of your value proposition: what is it your startup does, how you plan to make money and why customers will choose you over your competitors.

  • Understanding the focus audience– We define the market opportunity.

  • Size up the competition– We assist in understanding and assessing your competition will allow your business to grow.

  • Cater to investors– We cascade your business plan to the focus audience.

  • Social media plan– A team dedicated to social media should also highlight how the company will engage customers.

  • Exit Plan– providing an exit plan could be a good move. This will help you sell your business later if it does not do too well

StartupIndia (Ministry of Commerce & Industry) certified team 

“Your Challenges, Our Solutions”

AMWORLD works with a variety of growth & startup companies across over scope of industries including construction and technology. We are very active in these spaces and have a wide network of important industry contacts (and other startup companies).

AMWORLD can assist Startup companies with:

Initial company formation & advice on shareholding structures.
Support their ongoing accounting needs over our cloud-based accounting software package and work with their external reporting accountants so that they are furnished with the reports they need for tax and audit purposes in a timely and professional manner.
Preparation of business plan and financial modeling.
Assistance with Enterprise Board grant applications.
Assistance with Enterprise Ireland (CSF & HPSU) funding applications.
Assistance with Angel & VC fundraising.
Introductions to our network of people who can assist startup companies.