Social Responsibility

Health and wellness

In the process of rapid development, never forget to bear the corresponding social responsibility, will assume corporate social responsibility into the Organisation ,the pursuit of the company and customers, employees, social common progress ,Harmonious Development.




 AMWORLD actively generates profits to ensure that the state-owned assets to preserve and increase, support and sponsor social welfare undertakings, concerned about the social vulnerable groups living environment, helping the poor, disaster relief, to provide an ideal return for the community.


We focus on improving the level of client satisfaction,to help customers create value,to build a harmonious atmosphere between the various stakeholders.



We attach importance to the value of people, remain people-oriented, concerned about the staff, enhance staff efficiency, employees and company to achieve common development.


AMWORLD devotes great importance to environmental protection and sustainable development, promotes low-carbon economy, the “energy-saving emission reduction, green development” concept will be integrated into the DNA of AMWORLD, to contribute to environmental protection and sustainable development.