About Us

Our Vision

To bridge Trans-continental gaps by creating a sustainable models, which remains immune to socioeconomic & geopolitical factors.


Our Mission

continue to leverage our significant economies of scale and global market exposure to deliver valuable synergies for our member companies period, while maintaining a strong technology lineup and offering client breakthrough in-organic growth.


Our Process

  • Determining addressable market size & potential
  • Competitive intelligence to derieve synergies
  • Determining regulations, duties, and taxes
  • Getting end user’s feedback on needs gaps
  • Determining pricing metrics, positioning coordinates, and branding
  • Developing a proposed Emerging market strategy

Key Specialization

  • Emerging market strategy
  • Global Expansion Strategy
  • Cultural Adaptation
  • Localization & Innovation
  • Conceptualization
  • Franchise Development



Governing Board & Executive Management


Paritosh Kanti Ex-IAF (Senior Partner- Aerospace & Defense )

Mr. Paritosh had served the Indian Airforce in various Defence and Civil divisions for over 37 Years. He was interim part of various defense projects in France & Russia for aviation-related and specializes in aerospace ammunition in the Indian Airforce. Lately headed the Security division of Indian Oil Corporation SBU based at Indore.


Tushar Kanti (Senior Partner – Supply Chain & Shipping)

Mr. Tushar being a gold medalist in Marine Engineering has served Shipping/Logistic Giants across the Globe for over 40 years. Includes Maersk Sealand, KLM, Fleet to name a few. He has managed critical positions in the German & Japanese Shipping Industry and has extensive knowledge in supply chain and shipping sector.



Priya  B Das- HR Director

Priya possesses 15 years of experience in end-to-end Human Capital Management, she overviews complete deployment of staffing in various projects dependent on the task force. Previously she has led hospitality projects with Mayfair Hotels & Resort, Sayaji Hotels & Chains & Barbeque Nations, and led as a Human Resource  Consultant for  many MNCs like E-Dictate  IT Solution


 Keelie TERRELL- Principal  Partner -American Projects

Keelie has over 15 years of experience in both corporate and structured finance, she tends to have very original ideas, as well as a very analytical mind and highly logical reasoning. Previously managed in several Industries in North America and Europe as she believes in an integrated world. In such a world, all sectors hold a tight interdependence and the key to successful interaction lies in finding what makes every civilization and every society alike and not different.


Pablo Beanchi Associate Partner Italian Projects

Pablo has over 30 years of experience in the field of Business Development and  Business unit startups across Europe. He has previously served European ventures like  Rhone &Poulenc Agro, DuPont Conid Spa, Northrup King by Sandoz Group, Asgrow Seed an Upjohn Company, and Syngenta . He has 15 years as a Financial Consultant/Private Banker and Group Manager, working in asset allocation, banking management,


Amit  Bhowmick- Head of Transaction Advisory

Amit is Invest India certified and responsible for the complete gamut of  Transaction Advisory of AMWORLD  Trans _Continental M&A and overviews a portfolio of diversified companies operating globally. These companies range from  Energy,  Manufacturing,  Engineering Services. Mr. Bhowmick is also on the Advisory Board of several US and European companies. He has handled multi-million-dollar transactions in the field of cross border M&A. He has supported Trans-Continental tranches involving from US, EMEA, APAC, and Oceania.


Geanluca Byele Associate Partner Scandinavian Projects

After a brief stint studying and collar, Gean started his career as CEO of a small confectionery company that developed the tools of management control. Then covered the role of chief financial officer of a known food group (Rana Group). He has served  the Baths of Sirmione, as CFO he has seen through ordinary functions, the structural reorganization of the company, and the development of activities typical to the construction and start-up of Aquaria Thermal Wellness Centre.







The efforts of AMWORLD M&A have been recognized by various Indian States and Central Authorities responsible for uplifting SMEs and promoting FDI’s


AMWORLD is receiver of the prestigiáis alarde of bien The  Vesta Global M&A Firmé India-2019 “Acquisition International Magazine London”