Information Technology

mergers and acquisitions company

There have been some very interesting patterns and shifts in M&A activity coming from the Tech sector which demands for expert analysis and provides for intriguing topics of discussion.As a technology-focused boutique, AMWORLD advises investors and acquirers who are selling or fundraising to purchase Advance technology businesses globally. Our scope is much broader & deals with varied domains like Blockchain , internet of things, software, digital media, robotics, or space technology

Many companies PLM (Product Life-Cycle Management), IoT (Internet of Things), Big Data analytics & Industrie 4.0 initiatives (Smart Manufacturing) are choosing to pursue privatization via an injection of PE funding or Venture Capital, instead opting for traditional public funding mechanisms due to:

  • Difficulty to adjust or change business models
  • High valuation on recurring revenues
  • Favorable macro-economic conditions
  • A decade of low interest rates, strong credit markets, and cheap debt

All of this has resulted in value being achieved largely through private instead public vehicles. This all comes at an ever-critical time and companies need to ensure their strategies and business models are prepared to manage and benefit from these shifts.

At AMWORLD we adapt such strategies to ensure fair value transaction. “AMWORLD has no difficulty attracting investors”