TRASH TALE- A Stale Story “How Swachh is Bharat?”


“TRASH TALE -A Stale Story” How Swachh is bharat?

  1. 1. TRASH TALE –A Stale Story Back Ground •Data accessed from the Central Pollution Control Board(CPCB), based on reports from various State boards •143k tonnes /day of municipal solid wastes is been generated in various cities and Towns •9% (12.8k tonnes/day) is not even collected by Municipal Corp •91% (113k tonnes/day) collected by Municipal Corp•91% (113k tonnes/day) collected by Municipal Corp •50% (65k tonnes/day) of the collected solid waste is dumped or disposed of unscientifically across various dump yards •Only 23%(30 tonnes) is treated while 27%(35 tonnes) is dumped into landfills which is also unscientific dumping •CPCB says that such dumping is not area specific to aggravate the issue further •On an average, solid waste comprises of 50%-70% organic ,5%-10% sanitary & rest is plastics and e-waste in nature •Residents in all major Indian Cities have been protesting against unscientific dumping of solid waste
  2. 2. Problem – Liaisoning Municipal Solid Waste is one the biggest challenges that confronts all major Indian cities Improper and unscientific handling of wastes has its impact not only in terms of environmental and aesthetics of surroundings but also poses a serious potential threat to public health. The following are the remedies been measured •Conceding this , Union ministry for Urban Development, in a letter dated April•Conceding this , Union ministry for Urban Development, in a letter dated April 5,2017 sent to all mayors and heads of Municipalities •written that on World Environment Day June 5,2017-the Union ministry for Urban Development will start a massive movement to commence segregation at source in all 4041 towns •Its has instructed the authorities to set a target of 100% segregation of solid waste at source by October 2, 2017 •Citizen Consumer and Civic Action Group(CAG) indicates Most major cities have reached critical levels of waste and are looking for solutions •Unfortunately, they invariably turn to technologies, which rather than address the problem ,creates new ones
  3. 3. Problem – Liaisoning Continued •However, another key indicator of the government’s “pick-up and dump” philosophy is the latest draft released by the CPCB on creating buffer zones around landfills. The buffer zone, the draft guidelines say, is defined as an area of restricted activities •While its primary goal is to “reduce impact of such dumping on environment•While its primary goal is to “reduce impact of such dumping on environment and people”, the guidelines, released in February 2017, read: “It also ensures long- term availability of disposal sites by avoiding potential conflicts between disposal sites and adjacent land use” •The way landfills work is contentious. While local bodies either do this, or spend million of rupees on what they believe are magical solutions like big processing plants or waste-to-energy set-ups, there must be more investment in organizing and training waste collectors and educating the public •Further added that while agencies and the system understand the need for door- to door collection of waste and segregation -key to taking materials to the recycling sector -its implementation is found lacking in most cities
  4. 4. Initiative-Promote Biogas Production In India Centre for Environment Education (CEE) says civic bodies must invest in helping citizens understand the importance of waste collection and recycling. “While protests inand recycling. “While protests in multiple cities helped high light the problem, the pick-up and dump way of dealing with waste is no solution,“ Activists of the Environment Support Group in Bengaluru and those from Civic Action Group (CAG) in Chennai, have been advocating segregation at source as critical for waste management
  5. 5. Messy-Metros 5000 8700 11000 6000 8000 10000 12000 4000 5000 3700 0 2000 4000 How Cities are stack up-Waste(In tonnes) per day
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